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CNC Solar at a Glance

Since the Solar and other renewable energy are the key to sustainable growth, we are on the way for rising to more sustainable future in the solar industry. We see the sun as our big energy of tomorrow for next generations to come. With this, we are focusing for the future by thinking long-term, seeking consistency in our business goals and sustainable results for mankind. With the times we are also keeping pace towards growing our business and raise our profile.


At Solar Service, we treat your residential not just like our own but rather like our parents home! Understanding the significance of most effective design that fits according to your requirement and budget, with the use of the latest solar technology, we customize a solar solution in order to meet an individual family’s energy demands because we are the experts in the design, installation and maintenance of home Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems.

As compared to commercial applications, house owners has the limited space and more often work with the limited budget. Additionally, according to the available space and your energy requirements, size of the Solar home system varies from 1 KW (kilowatt) to 10 KW and comes with a warranty of 5 years on the whole system. We have the complete solar energy systems that will definitely reduce/eliminate a power bill for the every homeowner.

We are the leading Solar company in pune, and in residential societies, we provide solar services for lift, lighting, water pump, water heater and power backup. Our method of working with the residential people is; firstly, understanding an individual goal such as the roof location, need of energy and budget. We analyse, offer a few options based on your requirements from our professional solar designers and later install the solar panels on residential homes.

Below are the exact steps you will need to take to power your home with solar energy -

  • Have a look over your home's energy efficiency
  • Evaluate your solar potential and any limitations
  • Determine the various options for going solar
  • Evaluate your solar electricity needs
  • Get quotations and site assessments from the solar service providers
  • Understand the budget for the fulfilling your needs
  • Work with our solar installer to install the solar system and take right decision.

If you decide to install a solar energy system, our installer will help you to complete the necessary permitting and steps. We will help you to determine the appropriate size based on your electricity needs for your system and also ensure that all equipment is installed correctly. Make sure you understand the using solar electric or photovoltaic (PV) system which must be a reliable and pollution-free producer of electricity at your home.


Amongst the solar power companies in Pune, we provide the professional solar services to the small, medium and large business sizes and facilitates easy access to reduce the fixed energy costs with an affordable investment. In addition to this, we specialize in the commercial solar and energy storage systems. From the team of an expertise, creativity and passion, our aim is to generate the greater value from your solar investment and much better customer experience.

Our solar power for petrol pumps offers respective owners the best way to reduce the electricity costs. Our innovative solar services are used in corporate buildings, educational as well financial institutions, factories, warehouses, shopping malls, amusement parks, hotels and agricultural sector. Our strategy behind offering the solar services; simply helps to achieve the goal of greatest energy efficiency, lowest power consumption and increase the savings.

Here also, according to the availability of space, the solar system sizes will vary from 1 KW to several MW (megawatt) as per the requirements of the commercial clients. As we are solar panel manufacturers in pune , we undertake end to end responsibility that will best fit your long term goals including maintenance of the plants. We make going solar easy for all commercial businesses by cutting operating costs and create a platform for sustainable business practices.

Along with solar panel services, we provide the solar operations and maintenance services to maintain our company with 100% customer satisfaction that will greatly benefit you from quality regular maintenance from protecting your solar investment as well as expensive repairs, maximizing your return on investment (ROI) and ensuring the solar energy-efficient system is running as per expected performance.

Government Institution

Now-a-days, the benefits of solar power and energy storage and combined both are getting visible especially in public sector across the different cities of Maharashtra through fulfilling the needs of energy budget and future sustainability goals. So, by an in-depth understanding to the needs of government for their city hospitals, offices streets, parks, school and colleges we build an energy efficient solar system to deliver solar projects.

We offer solar power for hospitals, consists of the energy needs which may vary considering widely the positive community objectives altogether and create innovative custom clean solar energy solutions with the help of our highly skilled team that assists at every stage of the medium as well as large solar project development process. This will increase going solar to meet their clean renewable energy, electricity cost savings and sustainability.

Considering the importance of Solar power systems, government institutions and offices are continuously looking for different approaches to overcome barriers the market integration and moving forward towards the solar technologies. Even through knowledge sharing, they can make investments for the longer term in the development of the skills for the next generation solar research leaders.

Since we have designed the Solar power systems in order to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and encourage the surplus electricity generation with sustainability, our cost effective solutions will lead to a huge success with the government agencies. In fact, the government can lead by an example with solar energy by taking investment seriously for the betterment of future in a new economy.

We also provide the government clients with an engineering consulting services for solar projects. As ‘Agriculture’ is the national occupation of India, our solar energy systems are designed to be more reliable to all types of farmers and agriculture businesses. We assure on our solar services that the government agencies can depend on; cut down the spending on facility costs by installing the solar without changing the level of services to the public. Our solar service are fully safe, reliable and high-efficiency that consists of the flexible design to fit all rooftops just for the reason of everything you need to stay under the sun. Further, see how our solar quality, savings and affordability will make going solar the right choice.

Start saving money from today with the solar system and become eco-friendly!